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Blog Review:
Tuesday, August 28, 2007
Review posted at AmberOnline
“a wonderful three minute visual that soothes the soul, raises the spirit and invites you to ponder what waits ahead on the pathways of life.”

Small Press Book Watch, November 2006
Written by Cathy Jo Marley, whose own experience turning 50 provided inspiration, Peeking Over the Edge…views from life’s middle is a memoir of the joy of middle age, candidly exploring the second half of life as a time to be enjoyed to the fullest.  From coping with a hysterectomy, to fondly recalling distant memories, to the luxurious yet tawdry experience of reading “bodice ripper” romances and more, Peeking Over the Edge offers a candid glimpse of the simple moments in life, and the relish of adapting to new changes with aplomb.  A wonderful amalgamation of insights into the pleasures of life well lived. 
Achieve Radio Interview
The Good Life News Author’s Voice Program
Thursday, July 27, 2006
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Book Review by Amber Silverstar
July 21, 2006
Review posted at http://blogamberonline.blogspot.com
Contact the reviewer at ambersilverstar11@yahoo.com

"Radio Alchemy" ~ 91.3 FM, WVUD Newark
Voice of the University of Delaware
Hosted by Tony Maxwell, October 15, 2006
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What one listener had to say:
Very interesting program this Sunday!   My 8 year old son was in our back yard, doing a "dance" routine, with his 6 year old sister to a CD on a portable radio on the deck.  It was nothing more than pretending to sing the words, some hand-stands, and other crazy stuff to the music of the song.  He was doing this right before your show on Sunday, and so I missed the first 15 minutes of it, while I was taping this for him on our video camera.  But, before I went to turn it on the radio show, my wife remarked that he should be out playing football instead of dancing on the lawn,,,,as I turned on your show, Cathy was saying how she had to accept her daughter as a tomboy, etc....I thought how interesting,,, then later you were discussing how we lose the singing and dancing in our lives, and I thought that we as parents don't want to be the ones to dampen the singing and dancing in our children, especially on this nice, warm fall day...
~ John Mason



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